OpenUNB seminar

OpenUNB seminar

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

3:00 PM  5:00 PM

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Bolshoy Boulevard, 30, building 1, room 3005-E-B4, MoscowRussia (map)

The Skoltech NTI Competence Center “Technologies for Wireless Communication and the Internet of Things” (NTI Central Committee BSIV) and Technical Committee 194 “Cyber-Physical Systems” (TC 194) invite telecom industry experts to a seminar on the open standard of the Internet of Things OpenUNB. The developers will talk about the goals of creation, the scope and methods of using the protocol, as well as analyze it from a technical point of view (physical and channel levels, information security).

Workshop participants will be invited to further refine the standard.

When:  20 August 2019, from 15:00 to 17:00.

Where:  Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center. Moscow, Bolshoy Boulevard, 30, building 1, room 3005-E-B4 (according to the signs “OpenUNB”).

How to register:  you must fill out the form .

The draft standard “Wireless data transmission protocol for high-capacity networks based on ultra-narrowband radio signal modulation” (OpenUNB) was developed by the Central Committee of NTI BSIV and TC 194. On July 29, a public discussion of the protocol began, which will last three months. During this time, feedback on the project is accepted.

Nikita Utkin,  Chairman of Cyber-Physical Systems TC, RVC Program Manager : “The new draft of the Internet of Things standard – OpenUNB – mediates a new logic: it comes not from commercial manufacturers and device developers, but from the research community, and is based on the principles of openness and universal availability. We are trying to fulfill our ambition to create a universal open standard for the Internet of Things for “all undecided”. Its completion and improvement is a joint task of the Russian technological community. “

Dmitry Lakontsev, head of the NTI BSIV Central Committee:  “Until recently, there were practically no notable players in the niche of ultra-narrowband protocols for the Internet of Things, except for the closed Sigfox. OpenUNB is an open standard. And its success will depend on how widespread it gets. The more developers and manufacturers support it, the higher the chances of forming an ecosystem and taking a noticeable share in the market, and not only in Russia. The development of the standard requires a large community, so we invite the widest range of industry players to participate in our OpenUNB seminar. “