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Welcome To The OpenUNB Certification Program

Certification Program

What is the OpenUNB certification program?

Every company involved with OpenUNB implementations can now get the official independent OpenUNB Certificate. This will register their product as a certified compliant implementation. The OpenUNB Certification Program gives companies the opportunity to validate their implementation on conformance with the OpenUNB specification.

The certification program is a joint effort of the OpenUNB Alliance and several independent test laboratories around the world to test OpenUNB implementation on conformance to the OpenUNB specification.


How does it benefit vendors or buyers?

Vendors of compliant systems can now ensure to their clients that the implementation has been validated on conformance to the OpenUNB specifications by an approved independent test laboratory. Buyers of OpenUNB compliant products can check which products are certified and are successfully tested for conformance to OpenUNB.


How can I get my product test and certified?

Please follow these steps:

1 – Download and study the following documents:

  • OpenUNB Certification Procedure
  • OpenUNB Test Procedure

These will guide you through the requirements for certification.

2 – Download and fill the following form:

  • OpenUNB Implementation System

In this form you can indicate the details of what you want to have tested regarding your OpenUNB product. You can fill in this document and send this to your selected certification test laboratory. When you have passed the certification tests this will be part of your certificate.

3 – Contact a test laboratory:

Please contact one of the test laboratories for OpenUNB certification in your vicinity.


Any other certification related questions?

Please contact us via if you have any specific questions around the certification program.